2012 President's Report

Canterbury Young Professionals 2012 Presidents Report – Andrew Riches

AGM – 4 December 2012


2012 was an opportunity for CYP to bounce back from the difficulties faced by Christchurch in 2011 and focus on running events and providing a forum for young people in Canterbury. With a large number of young professionals having left Christchurch in 2011, CYP has taken on a role focusing on encouraging young people to make Christchurch their home and get the most out of what our city has to offer.

In 2012 we launched with a number of events at local bars that had emerged after the earthquake and followed this shortly afterwards with a cruise on Lyttelton harbour on board the Lyttelton Tug. We held a cocktail event to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic games which was well attended as well as a wine trail where we took two buses across North Canterbury which was thoroughly enjoyed despite poor weather.

Our annual ball was held at Addington Raceway where we were entertained by the band Cropduster.  The ball was well attended and saw a great mix of new faces and our longer term members. A big thanks is deserved for Emily Smith and Rachael Thacker for their tireless work arranging these events, they were ably assisted by Andrew McKenzie and Nastassja Arnott who worked on the Cocktail Party and Ball.

Aside from our major events CYP has continued the tradition of end of month drinks and have been well taken care of by Volstead and the Pedal Pusher among other local bars. These events provide a low key setting to unwind after a tough month and meet like minded young professionals. Debbie Bellis has done a fantastic job organising these events and she will be missed from the committee.

On a business front, Alaina Schuster and Emma Thwaite have done an amazing job co-ordinating a number of business events from speed networking early in the year to events bringing in speakers from Peter Townsend from the Employers Chamber of Commerce and Peter Beck from the Christchurch City Council. The business events were well received and we aim to push ahead with this trend next year. We are thankful to have had the support of the Chamber of Commerce in 2012 who have run ‘connect’ events with CYP in 2012 and we aim to run further events in 2013.

Our partner, the New Zealand Institute of Management has put together a package of courses available to our members for 2013 and we have continued our relationship which has persisted for many years. The annual NZIM – CYP debate saw NZIM win the trophy for the first time in its three year history, much to our disappointment.

Our sponsors of Anderson Lloyd, ASB and BECA have remained with CYP. An extremely successful seminar on home ownership was run in conjunction with ASB, with Anderson Lloyd providing Eleanor Jackson to speak on the legal pitfalls of home ownership and offering a discounted rate for conveyancing. ASB has offered an extremely favourable home loan package which has been taken up by a number of our members who have been able to purchase their first homes.

BECA and Bob Blyth co-ordinated Peter Beck to come and speak with us and we were fortunate enough to utilise Bob as the adjudicator in the NZIM debate for which we are thankful and hope to sway his judgment next year to win back the trophy. Ed Hughes from the committee has been managing the relationship with BECA, we thank him for his work as an outgoing committee member.

We aim to roll over these sponsor relationships into 2013 before Christmas.

As well as our sponsors we have been aided by our other relationships including Printable Solutions and Ashley Horton who have offered us free printing and graphic design, Lion Nathan and Liquor King who have offered us new products for our events as they come to market and Marty Fuller and Trevino’s who have provided us with meeting space and a starting point for the Wine Trail. In addition Cam Findlay who has been responsible for the design and management of our website.

Going forward our focus will be on delivering a higher quality calendar of events, enhancing our relationships with sponsors and partners in particular focusing on business events. We aim to branch out and build relationships with other YPs who operate independently across New Zealand.

Throughout this year I have been thankful to be surrounded by a supportive committee, in addition to those mentioned, Alex Millen has been a superb secretary, and Jason Middlemiss has acted as a conscientious treasurer. Emily Smith handled the demanding task of communications and Rachael Thacker took charge of the social committee. Dean Percy was always a willing and able helping hand.

Other committee members leaving who will be missed include Scott Barrington and Scott Meads.

Particular thanks is needed for Anthony Rohan who has been with CYP from the very beginning and will leave large shoes to fill. He has been responsible for the ICT frame work of CYP from the beginning and we all owe him our gratitude for his service.


Andrew Riches

CYP President 2012