Our commitment to high quality events

Since CYP's launch party on 2 August 2007 we've held a range of business and social events to help provide our members with opportunities to network, gain skills and have some fun along the way.

Our inaugural ball in September 2007 at the Great Hall and our Christmas Cocktail Party at Fisher Galleries were both sell-outs. Our 80s Cocktail Party in April 2008 was a riot (not literally, though that much fluro in one location was a crime), and the second CYP Ball in September 2008 really did raise the bar for any young professional social event. We've also hosted business events on everything from personal finances to managing employees; had a birthday party where a lucky member won an iPod!; and to top off 2008 in style, we gathered in numbers to wish each other Merry Christmas.

This year will be no different, yet there will be many changes.

In saying it will be no different, we want our members to know that they will be able to expect the same high quality social and business events, but with a new look, eager and enthusiastic executive committee, and an action packed calendar, we can promise that this year will be better in every way. A higher level of social event and more very valuable business events run by our partners and sponsors.

Keep your eyes on the listings below for the events we are advertising & for photos of all our events, please see the gallery.